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we love animals, that fact comes as no surprise to anyone that knows us. dogs are our life, and our two boys, Tucker and Gus, are our livelihood. when we moved to the farm, we were able to add even more pets to love on, and we hope to continue adding more as time allows.

our cows are a big part of life here on the farm. they have about 4 acres of land to themselves, which is a nice chunk to roam as their hearts desire.

Bonnie Mae is mama cow, with her three babies, Tilley, Clover and little Finnegan, or Finn for short. Born in December 2018, he’s the smallest of the bunch right now, but will likely outgrow all of the girls in his family. He’s my pride and joy, and I love my mornings giving him head scratches and kisses.

the chicken are so much fun to have around. they are quite spoiled, eating scraps from dinner and the garden each and every day. we have 11 total, and only two are egg laying at the moment, but soon they will all lay, which will really be wonderful here because we eat a lot of eggs!

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